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Performance Data

What are SATs?

SATs are statutory assessments carried out by all state schools. They assess how your child’s abilities compare nationally with other children in the same year group.

Your child will be assessed at Key Stage 1 (KS1) during Year 2, at age 7.

Further SATs testing takes place at Key Stage 2 (KS2), when your child will take part in National Curriculum tests in English, maths and the new grammar test at the end of Year 6 (usually age 11).

Early Years Foundation Stage:

Children are defined as having achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’ if they achieve at least the expected level in:

  • The Early Learning Goals (ELGs) in the three prime areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language).
  • The ELGs in the specific areas of Mathematics and Literacy

School Good Level of Development 77%

Year 1 Phonics

The Year 1 phonics screening check is a short assessment to confirm whether individual pupils have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard.

It identifies the children who need extra help so they are given support by the school to improve their reading skills. Children who have not met the standard in Year 1 retake the assessment in Year 2.

Number of pupils achieving expected standard – 84.2% (national 81%)

Key Stage 1 (Year 2)

In 2016 the system of assessing and reporting results in Key Stage 1 changed.

The children undertook a series of tests and these, together with class based evidence gathered over the year, were used to inform teacher assessment results for Reading and Maths. The children also received a level based upon teacher assessment for Writing and Science.

As part of the new assessment system, an ‘expected standard’ has been established and children are judged as to whether they are working ‘at the expected standard’ or are ‘working at greater depth’ in Reading, Writing and Maths. Children are judged purely on whether they are working ‘at the expected standard’ in Science.

Working at the expected standardExpected standard national
RWM combined50%60%
KS2 Teacher Assessment 2020:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Key Stage 2 SATs did not take place.

Year 6 teachers were asked to provide teacher assessment based on work in books and mock SATs results.

The teacher assessments submitted by Griffin Primary School are cautious results as many children would have made rapid progress in the weeks of teaching leading up to the SATs in May.

Reading – Achieving the expected standard 78%
Reading – Working at Greater Depth 22%
Writing – Achieving the expected standard 74%
Writing – Working at Greater Depth 20%
Maths – Achieving the expected standard 78%
Maths – Working at Greater Depth 22%
RWM combined – Achieving the expected standard 60%
RWM combined – Achieving the expected standard – National 65%
RWM combined – Achieving higher standard 7%
RWM combined – Achieving higher standard – National 12%
Scaled scores and progress:

* For a pupil to achieve the expected standard in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 100+ in the corresponding tests.

* For a pupil to be working at greater depth in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 110+ in the corresponding tests.

The average scaled score at Griffin Primary School for reading is 102

The average scaled score at Griffin Primary School for maths is

* Average progress made in KS2

National average progress is always 0. Schools that make less progress receive a negative number rating, schools that make more progress receive a positive rating.

Average progress in reading -2.7
Average progress in writing -1.7
Average progress in maths -0.3

Further information:

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My favourite lesson at school is English. I can let my imagination run wild!
Year 6 Pupil
I love doing sports at Griffin. It keeps me fit and healthy!
Year 6 Pupil
I like school because we do lots of fun activities!
Year 4 Pupil
The best thing about school is seeing my friends and the teachers.
Year 4 Pupil
It is really easy to make new friends. That is an amazing thing about this School!
Year 6 Pupil
I love doing our Thursday activities. They’re fun and teach me something new.
Year 6 Pupil